Best Backfire G2 Black Electric Skateboard In 2022-What You Expect More?

Best Electric Skateboard

Top Speed

24mph / *




400W x 2

Drive Type





19.2 lbs

Okay, so most people want good reviews, but i prefer honest reviews so let's jump on this electric board here, and I'll show you the good and the bad this is my honest review of the Backfire G2 black board; let's get into it.

Is electric skateboard good for somebody?

Electric skateboards have taken off lately, and it's not unusual to see someone zip by in your city or catch your favorite YouTuber cruising the streets recording the action with their Go Pro; as battery technology improves like in backfire g2, the overall industry progresses.

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Electric skateboards have become more prevalent and more affordable. While top models such as the original busted' run around year one to two thousand bucks, there are tons of good budget options to choose from that will put the wind on your face with that gentle and satisfying electric motor hum as you surf the streets.

Okay, so this is the best backfire g2 black 2020 edition, and it's 2022, but you know no one was doing anything in 2020. So anyway, I just wanted to talk some about what you're going to get out of this board. There are many other things I wanted to cover up here. 

Not really much of an audience? Check out our full video review instead.

Okay, so I bought this board almost a year ago, and it was my daily commuter to and from work, and I was pretty much in love from the start.

Backfire had what we needed to provide with their Backfire G2 Black electric skateboard, which is midway tiered in their product line.

the day i decided to make the purchase  and second because i had read some  really great reviews about the backfire  customer service and support which i  have to say has been absolutely  incredible backfire support has been  amazing to work with quick to respond  and so helpful in getting spare parts  under the warranty they offer for their  boards.  

Motor, maximum speed, and acceleration 

(Best Backfire G2 Black Review)

 Backfire G2 black review

The Backfire G2's two-hub 350-watt electric motors can each work together to reach a range of 23 miles per hour on a flat road. It comes with four changeable pace modes that can be regulated via its Bluetooth remote, and it has a specific 25-degree hill climbing ability that is relatively high. Let's see how it performs in real-time.

Motor, Top Speed & Acceleration

In my Racelogic VBOX Sport performance meter, which I use as a pro-level Sprinter, I hit a top speed of 23 mph (34.2 km per hour), which meant that the electric skateboard surely lives up to its name.

The efficiency of a ride on an backfire g2 black electric skateboard like other boards drops as you go downhill because the battery is less. That's because the motor's efficiency will decrease as the voltage is lowered. Most electric sledges feature a drop-off performance as the battery level gets lower, especially if the electric vehicle like Lucid Air sledge is top quality. It could be noticeable or barely perceptible on some boards, while other electric sledges are highly noticeable in light bulbs below the level of a 20 V battery.

Backfire G2 Top Speed review

If you cannot compare yourself to something, I'll be delighted if you'll let me know that the average benchmark is stellar. It won't significantly affect your maximum speed if the battery is close to running out.

Tested Acceleration

Backfire does not provide any acceleration data for skates on its site, so I chose to test how far acceleration changes from 0 to 15 miles per hour (24.1 kilometers per hour) in steps.

The dynamic speed settings are as follows:

  • Low Speed mode at 7.2 mph (12 kilometers per hour)
  • Low Speed mode at 7.2 mph (12 kilometers per hour)
  • Medium Speed mode at 17.4 mph (28 kilometers per hour)
  • High Speed mode at 21 miles per hour (34 kilometers per hour) 
  • Pro Speed mode offers faster acceleration.

Hill Climb Test

Backfire states that the Backfire G2 is capable of 25-degree inclines. According to the results from my tests (using advanced GPS tracking devices), the G2 could go about 8 MPH (strategic speed setting) up a 24-degree incline. The Backfire G2 also lives up to its mark of being extra clever on uphill performance.

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Range & Battery

Backfire G2 Black Battery Review

In other words, this battery has a capacity of 3.15 Wh - more than double the expend power species and the Tornado II!

 Notably, the battery management system appears to provide the safe setup necessary for the insanely dense 18650 cell batteries.

Notably, Battery management system is crucial for safety in a power-dense 18650 battery cell. The battery charges in approximately 3 hours and comes with a 500-cycle life expectancy.

According to Skateboard Backfire, the Backfire G2 can theoretically cover from 22 to 25 miles (32 to 35 kilometers) on a single charge. That figure is almost unheard of among competitive alternatives, so the test results are in the following slide.

Let me explain that this is a best backfire G2 black electric skateboard, which is what the back of it looks like. The backfire G2 black retails for 429, but  it's currently on sale for 399 at the  time of the making of this review.

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Backfire must have heard us about the previous model because they did not have an LCD  screen on the remote, which they now have introduced in backfire g2 black electric skateboard with the hobby wing LCD. This is great because now you can track your range speed and battery at a glance.

 And this is where you will control your eco mode or sport mode by simply just pressing the button once you will are in eco mode, and by pressing it again, you will now be in sport mode.

Back G2 e-board remote review

I like that this remote control renders so much functionality directly at your fingertips. It allows the user to be immersed in valuable information and straightforward operation.

The display is packed with vital info, including a mentoring program and battery level, mileage, trip direction, speed and brake mode, cruise control, speed, and signaling variety.

After you replace the wheels for something else (i.e., 100mm width wheels are sold separately), the display information will be off. The wireless remote fits perfectly in your hand and has a user-friendly design that allows you to access the throttle at all times.

The buttons on the handle felt nice, but I noticed the backward and forward switch was challenging to actuate.

The remote has many handy features. Here are some I particularly like:

  • It feels like the H and L buttons are swapped by pressing H and L.
  • You can use the throttle break to engage the brake pedal.
  • Turn the bright right, and rear bright LED lights on by pressing and releasing the LED button.
  •  Turn off the cruise control by pressing the button a second time.
  • The remote comes with the vehicle on the second floor. Run the remote along the ground while using the command.

By doing this, you can be notified by your remote when your battery drains below 25 percent (for the remote and skateboard), so you won't be forced to deal with extra annoyances because you failed to manage yourself.

Tested: Applied to Real-World Range.

Real Hill Climb Test

Backfire G2 Off Road Review

As a beginning skater, be sure to wear gear like a helmet and knee pads. I assure you do not want to brag, but I've been skating for a long time, and I have commented that safety gear is necessary, so please have it.Regardless of how long you've been a skater, I highly advise you wear a helmet when riding a bike. You shouldn't be ashamed to wear a helmet, regardless of how long it has been hanging unused. Everyone ought to wear a helmet.

Alright I'm going into sports mode, all right. I'm starting the hill climbing, so yeah, it's going pretty slow I don't know if it's going to get below eight. It certainly feels like I'm going below eight seven. Here we go, we're just getting to the crest of the hill here six go back up to seven eight nine ten picking up speed again 11.

We're getting back there, so I made it up this huge hill. I can't tell you what percentage uh grade it is, but it's steep. I know for damn sure I would make it up on a bicycle, and uh, it struggled when we got to the steepest section of the hill, but it didn't quit. It didn't overheat. I'm guessing I have a weird problem going down the hill, so I don't know much about electric skateboards, correct.

Who are you know, a little bit chubby, a little bit over the 80 kilograms advertised uh tested weight for the longboard story short yes, it is good enough. It holds my fat butt around the block quite easily, quite deftly, if you will, and I enjoy it. Best Backfire g2 black electric skateboard advertises uh an 80-kilogram rider should be able to get at least 30 kilometers an hour in sports mode.

Still, I'm guessing when you brake; it uses that resistance to charge the battery back up again, right, because when I was braking down the hill, I got an over-voltage warning for the battery, so I'm guessing since I came out here with a fully charged battery and breaking down the whole hill the battery's got a bit of an over overcharge.

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Real Speed Test

Now next step, we've got to do uh the speed test for eco and sport mode. We're going to get that done over here, and we'll see the maximum speed I can get up to on this best backfire g2 black electric skateboard.

All right, so the first thing we're going first to speed test we're going to do here is on this perfectly flat strip, a reasonably new blacktop. Remember, I'm 230 pounds; take that into account.

Okay, the first thing we're going to do is eco mode  speed test here,we go  14 miles an hour; 13 between 13 and 14 is bouncing back and forth; not wrong in the real world where it's not perfectly smooth and perfectly flat. Analogously, my evaluation of about 11 is, I believe, the most effective I've ever gotten on eco.

All right, I'm going to go back around flip into sport mode, and then we're going to see how well we do in sport mode if we get the advertised speed.  

All right, okay, here we go sport mode  engaged  20 21 22 23  24. wow, that's the fastest I've ever gotten on  the board uh  without being assisted by, uh, you know, gravity on a hill or something, but yeah, I'm perfectly flat ground on a  smooth  patch of asphalt even if you're a giant friend you're going to get the advertised  speed  the only place you're not going to get  the advertised spec is on range distance travel.


Best Backfire G2 Deck review

So first things first, the maple deck. I love that they've made it a little bit wider and longer it is now measuring 38 inches long in 9 inches wide, and it is that nice sturdy maple deck that also gives that excellent flexibility. It's a perfect balance which makes it perfect for beginners if you like to carve or go straight; either way, this board will suit your riding style.
 Best backfire g2 black electric skateboard keeps control and comfort by eliminating space in your legs' middle. Compared with the Tornado II, Backfire G2 black electric skateboard is conducive to a more diverse carve and responsive mountain-bike turns, thanks to the deck design.

The deck is rounded at an angle in the corners to stop barrel bite, which is when you turn so forcefully that the deck grabs the wheels. This deck is a great safety addition that prevents potentially dangerous surprises.

As its electronic components consisting primarily of a battery, electronic speed control system, and motor-fitment are fitted below the board, there is not much deck flex. Nonetheless, electric skateboards still move with incredible smoothness, thanks to the battery and ESC's response on the device's surface.

The grip tape doesn't harm your skin or clothing, but it is still very effective at preventing you from sliding on your bike.


One of my favorite features on this entire skateboard will be the 96-millimetre large urethane wheels. These things are absolute beasts. They're very grippy. They allow you to carve and push and grip the road, and they're also reticent at the same time.

Still, the main thing that surprised me with these wheels is that they can plough over a lot of stuff on the road. I was able to go over sticks and rocks. I cannot believe it. I went over a train track; I thought I was about to send it and eat it the worst way possible.

I just stumbled across them, and for that alone, I cannot believe this is a 400 board. It is a great price point for the beginner, and these wheels with the deck and, of course, the specs on the battery do make it one of the best boards on the market today.

Backfire G2 Wheel review

Because of this truck, you can easily replace the wheels, so you will not need to be concerned about wear and tear. As soon as they get worn down, you can contact backfire and get those wheels replaced. TheBackfire g2 black electric skateboard 2020 features a 7-inch MD front truck and a new rear truck. I could take this board out of the box and ride immediately without adjusting the trucks. Usually, I will tighten or loosen depending on how they feel. This was perfect for me. I'm a very balanced rider, as I mentioned.

When talking about the deck, I could carve and go straight no matter your riding style. These trucks will be suitable for you now. They're not like a double kingpin truck or anything like that if you're looking for extreme carving, but they are incredibly balanced, especially at the beginner level.

It disclaims that it is water resistant only, not waterproof, so you don't want to throw it in the ocean, but it can get a little wet. Don't ride in the rain because the roads are slippery, anyway, but if you are riding and it starts to sprinkle a little bit, it will not destroy the board. It says right there do not ride in wet conditions. Water damage is not covered under warranty, and a damaged battery could cause a risk, so avoid it if you can.

But if you are riding through a puddle or anything like that no need to sweat it, and like all backfire boards, these are powered by hub motors.

These third-generation hobby wing hub motors are powered by 400 watts. They're estimated to have 10 per cent more torque, 20 per cent less noise, and five more energy. Backfire did an excellent job ensuring they upgraded the hub motors from the last version to give a better riding experience.

Pros & Cons

Listed below are highlights from my first experience for me. We can look at the main advantages and disadvantages at a glance.


  • It's got the looks
  • It's got the range
  • It's got the top speed
  • It's got the comfort
  • It has the big wheels the comfortable trucks


  • Not the lightest option
  • The Remote's motion switch is not very fluid.


Verdict - Who should buy the Skateboard Backfire G2?

I can't say enough good things about this best backfire g2 black e-board. I love the new LCD screen. That was a massive, colossal upgrade that backfires made on this board. It's much necessary for riders, and at the beginner level, this board will offer stuff for you to get on right away.

 And you'll be able to grow into it a little bit as you pick up the hobby more or if you're looking to get your feet wet and see if you like the sport.

The truck-mounted and vibration-absorbing system keeps the board stable and steady while you are carving a path into the wild.

Boasting its flexibility and portability, there are probably better options if you search for a portable and lightweight solution. The Skateboard Backfire G2 weighs only 19 pounds, which is not excessively heavy, but it isn't going to be as easy to bring along as smaller board-like options.

If you want something with a lot of deck flexibility, this isn't it either. The design, however, does a great job at absorbing rattles and passing speeds despite that. It's also instrumental in stability and eliminating bumps at high speeds. If you want something with a lot of deck flexibility, this isn't it either. The design, however, does a great job at absorbing rattles and passing speeds despite that. It's also instrumental in stability and eliminating bumps at high speeds.

 And, of course, more efficiency. My final thoughts on the backfire g2 black 2020 edition are it is immaculate. I will go for about four hundred dollars at this cheapest price point. This board has it all.

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