Lucid Air EV Review – Tesla’s Living Nightmare


This is a lucid air, and it's a new electric car, although that's understating it a bit because this is pretty impressive. It has around a thousand horsepower. It'll do 0-60 in 2.4 seconds, and it'll go more than 500 miles on a single charge which is a huge deal, and today I'm going to review it.

Therefore, several choices exist. To join the market for electric vehicles for the first time, both established manufacturers and startups must Similarly to Ford's first mass-market EV, this vehicle is a sedan.

In fact, Tesla's initial vehicle was a sports car. In contrast, Rivian's first vehicle was a pickup truck. Consequently, I find these incredibly intriguing. Consequently, I am already having a great deal of pleasure. using these various high-tech automobiles on the new Auto Focus channel. solely captured on smartphones.

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So let's talk lucid air. This is a luxury sedan, and I'm reviewing the dream edition, which is the full version of this car with a sticker price of around a hundred and seventy thousand dollars. That's big money, but this car has some impressive numbers.

As I said, supercar performance and a range of 520 miles beat even the longest-range Tesla models by over a hundred miles, and more affordable versions are coming too. A base model, lucid air, will come out soon with a starting price of around 77 000, but even that has about 500 horsepower and gets more than 400 miles of range which is an impressive number.

Now lower, level lucid air models are rear-wheel drive while upper trim versions are all-wheel drive. Lucid is headquartered here in California, with the cars built in Arizona.

So what we have here is a major Tesla rival and a seriously appealing on a paper, Today I'm going to review this car and find out what it's like in person.

I'll take you on a thorough tour of the lucid air and show you its exciting quirks and features. Then I'll get it out on the road and drive it, and then I'll give it a dug score.

Quirks and Features of Lucid Air

Okay, I'll start with the quirks and features of the lucid air by getting in.

Unlock Feature

Now you walk up to this car, and you can unlock it with a smartphone app, which is pretty familiar with vehicles like this, but there's also a key, and it's cool looking at this thing. It's almost like a blade or a boomerang, and it only says Lucid on the front. 

There's a lock with one dot underneath, an unlock with two dots underneath, and then like a trunk opening, a line underneath that's there to tell you in the simplest terms possible how to use the key fob. If you press the top of it once, it will lock.

Hence, one dot under the lock button; if you press it twice, it will unlock.

Hence, two drops under unlock; and if you hold it down, it will open the front trunk; therefore, the line symbolizing holding it. It's a very minimalist key and has a neat look.

Now one other excellent key that this car offers is this one, which almost looks like a hotel room key. It's credit card sized, and you can put it in a purse or wallet and store it there. 

That way, if you're using your phone as the key like most people will be and your phone dies or you lose it, you still have this backup key you're just carrying along with all of your credit cards and your ID, which is a neat idea, but anyway, you unlock the Lucid Air.

You can see the door handles pop out of the doors. Typically, they're flush with the doors for a relaxed look and better alignment. Still, when the doors are unlocked, they pop out.

You reach under and pull on the door handle. You can open up the door and climb inside. When you get in here, you are greeted by a relatively simple, modern-looking two-tone interior with some fascinating quirks and features.

Interior Glass

So let's go over it, beginning with the glass, which is perhaps the most visible peculiarity upon entering. The windshield is one continuous piece that extends from the top of the hood, like a standard car, all the way over your head and above the seats in front.

A metallic coating on the exterior stops the sun from entering, making the room excessively hot or bright, yet this glass makes the space incredibly open and spacious.

This similar but less critical panel creates the illusion of a vast open-air space within this interior. When one enters, it is thrilling and unconventional. Unfortunately, the sun visors are attached to this panel, just like they are on a regular car.

So even though you have this futuristic glass panel, you still have your typical sun visors, messing up this full glass sheet.

Now, this glass above you can't be closed, and there's no shade over it. So I asked lucid air about heat, and they said it's not an issue because it's heavily tinted and there's UV protection. I asked, and they said that's a regulatory requirement, so that they couldn't remove it.

The Screens Era-Lucid Air

The next thing you notice in this car is a lot of screens are mounted on this form of dangling pod above the dashboard. It appears to be floating since it is only mounted in this location directly above the steering wheel; otherwise, it is simply hanging over the dashboard, which is aesthetically pleasing.

EV- Lucid Air

You have your gauge cluster, which provides the fundamental information you would anticipate while driving:

  • Speed.
  • It displays the current percentage of charge.
  • It functions as a trip odometer.
  • It provides you with warning lights, your headlights, and your parking brake lights;
  • It displays the gear you're in on your odometer, etc.

Use of Lucid Air Screens

This type of floating screen design consists of three separate screens. On the left is an interface containing fundamental car operations and controls, including lock and unlock buttons, headlamp controls, and windshield wiper controls.

This floating display is above the dashboard and is in the control stack's center. If you want to change the radio station, pull up the radio tab on the upper screen, and you'll see a few options. If you see more options or a list of stations, pull up the radio tab on the lower screen, and you'll see a list of stations.

The upper mesh is smaller, tilted toward the driver, and more in their line of sight, but if the passenger wants to adjust something on the driver's screen, it can be brought down to the middle screen, which is easier for both front passengers to reach.

After making a pick, you can slide up to return it to the upper screen, making way for the next option. Yet another exemplary example of these screens You can navigate to navigation, enter a location on the lower screen, and have it guide you on the upper screen. Thus, the driver can view the navigation on the upper screen as the passenger inputs the location on the lower screen. It is fantastic and futuristic electrical vehicle.

Let's move on to the lower screen's functionality. It is important to note that while the two screens do work together, the upper screen is reserved for things you'll want to change more frequently, such as the navigation or the radio.

 In contrast, the lower screen has controls you may use less often, such as the ability to change the puddle lights. This page also allows for the selection of different drive modes. Smooth is the default setting, whereas quick and sprint correspond to a primary sport mode and a sport mode with enhanced performance.

After that, some additional controls on the lower screen allow you to pushchairs, and seat controls are displayed here. Relax; none of your seat controls is displayed on this screen. You still have basic seat controls on the side of the seat, just as you would in a typical car.

Still, if you want to change things like your thigh support or backrest breadth, you can do it via the screen and make various other minor modifications to customize your cruise experience.

Inside, What Drives it

It's fascinating that you can have a reverse camera on the upper dashboard screen and a live 3D camera on the lower screen. Most automobiles require a choice between the two. An intriguing feature of the 3D camera is the ability to zoom in and enter the interior. I'm still trying to figure out why or who would want to do that, but it is a strange option in the lucid air.

You may also modify the hue of the interior illumination via the themes menu. You may adjust the brightness of the lights by turning this small wheel, and you can select from various themes corresponding to specific hues.

A prime example is the climate vents, which can typically be adjusted by moving the dial in the center to the left or right or twisting it to open or close the vents. This is an outdated feature by the standards of modern futuristic electric vehicles like the Lucid Air, which hide their climate vents totally and only allow you to control them via a screen, not in the vehicle itself.

Touching and holding the bottom of the central screen causes it to immediately retract into the vehicle and reveal a concealed storage compartment. A small dial often operates adjustable climate vents in the car's center that may be turned to close or open the vents.

EV- Lucid Air

Next, we'll analyze the rear seats, where the Lucid Air has a significant interior space advantage over some of its known competitors. The Lucid Air is comparable in length to a BMW 5 Series, while its cabin is more significant than that of a Mercedes S-Class. You get Mercedes-S-Class levels of internal space, allowing you to lie down and stretch out, which is impossible in a BMW 5-Series. This is of the highest quality. The powertrain technology of the Lucid has been upgraded to make it even more compact and maximize interior space. This vehicle has been designed so that when the small battery is removed, it is placed right under the floor, creating additional space for your feet and legs.

Regarding performance, this little bar at the base of the windshield that runs across the car is crucial for rigidity; it makes the car seem more solid and enhances its steering and handling. Instead of a hatchback, this Mercedes-Benz E-Class has a trunk since it was deemed a worthwhile tradeoff by Rational to improve luxury and handling. I inquired as to why this vehicle had a trunk. The wheels of the Lucid Air automobile have a relatively flat profile for aerodynamics; however, these black plastic plates are removable if you don't like them.

In addition, the sides of the car roof racks are covered by a vast glass panel; however, these little panels may be removed so that roof racks can still be installed. The brand name is also lit, indicating that this is a particular automobile. Incredibly futuristic and unique, with vertical lights on the sides of the front bumper that are roughly perpendicular to the front light bar. This vehicle has one of the enormous trunks among electric vehicles that are beginning to use trunks to open the front trunk. This space can be used for storage, as no massive combustion engine can occupy it. This relatively sizeable front trunk is wide and flat, and by lifting this leather handle at the trunk's base, you can access a larger compartment where you can keep additional belongings. Air travels directly through this position above the headlights, through the hood, and out the top, enhancing the vehicle's airflow and aerodynamics.

This concludes the comprehensive tour of Lucid Air's peculiarities and features.

Road Performance: Lucid Air

Now it's time to test its performance on the road. This is an expensive car, and it is the whole model. There will be less expensive models, but if you pay at least $170,000 for this vehicle, you have high expectations for its performance and technology. 

Nevertheless, you'll also want a beautiful luxury automobile at this price point, and I'm disappointed at how average this one is. When I initially heard about this car, I felt it was vaporware and had little interest. However, after hearing some numbers and seeing some photographs, I began to rethink my perspective.

I've been obligated to research it over the past several months so that we may plan a meeting with Doug Sember before the end of the year. I initially had the notion that I would enjoy riding in this automobile. I adore this windshield arrangement. Complicating matters is the fact that I am currently assessing how much replacement glass will cost, but I adore the feel of this windshield. You are seated here, and it completely covers you. It's almost astonishing how spacious and airy it feels, which is perhaps appropriate considering the car's name, but it's insane to feel like the world is above you.

A few things within this automobile intrigue and surprise me. There are several items. There will be less expensive versions of this automobile, but this one costs more than 170,000 dollars. That is a lot of money. I'm surprised by how comparable it is to that Tesla, given the pricing.

Tire noise and wind noise are not more audible in an electric vehicle, given that there is no engine noise to drown out other sounds. This is essential for a car that markets itself as a luxury vehicle. The ride is also excellent, which is somewhat unexpected given the size of the wheels, and the car has a sturdy feel comparable to a Mercedes S-Class.

This was the objective of the designers. Here is a little on-ramp where I'll test acceleration by going 20-30-40-40-50. I usually go across the country and have never seen an electric vehicle on the road; after the range hits 500 to 600 miles, it is annoying to stop so frequently. I have completed the wild and plaid Tycon Turbo S. It is apparent from the times that a platoon is faster, but this automobile is faster.

It appears to be just as fast as anticipated, and at two seconds or so from zero to six, it makes little difference because everything still feels absurd. The price is a detriment, but there will be less expensive, more reasonable ones. For the price, you receive supercar-like acceleration, modern technology, and a range of over 500 miles. It is an excellent all-around electric vehicle and the most outstanding all-around electric vehicle, but it costs a fortune. That is the world you will inhabit if you desire everything; this has always been the case with automobiles and other items. It has a lot of potentials and seems like a superb electric vehicle. Transparent is a young firm that is somewhat unknown.

Nonetheless, ten years ago, the same could have been said about Tesla, and this vehicle has enormous potential because of its exceptional technology, unique aesthetics, and incredible range. Wonderful luxury The Lucid Air has a total score of 73 out of 100, tying it with the Tesla Model S Plaid and placing it ahead of the Porsche Tycon Turbo S by one point. The Lucid Air is one of the finest automobiles I've ever assessed, tied with the Tesla Model S Plywood and surpassing the Porsche.

Tycon Turbo S. Interestingly, the three automobiles are pretty dissimilar:

  • The Tycon is a performance vehicle.
  • The Lucid is a premium vehicle.
  • The Plaid is in between.

And the answer depends on your preferences if you seek luxury. In this group, the Tycon is the most entertaining to drive, while the Lucid is unquestionably the nicest, but the Plaid will likely offer the best value over the next few years. If you enjoy driving thrills, purchase a Lucid with a Tycon. If you cannot make up your mind, Plaid is a good compromise.

All three offer me a reason to believe that the future of electric vehicles will be more exciting than it initially appears. Few people had heard of this startup brand ten years ago, but that was Tesla.

EV- Lucid Air

"Lucid Air: The Final Conclusion"

  • This vehicle has great potential: incredible technology, a great design, an incredible range, and luxury comfort.
  • This car has several appealing qualities. The vehicle features acceleration comparable to a supercar, cutting-edge technology, and a range of more than 500 miles.
  • It is an all-around superior electric vehicle, and one could make a good case for its supremacy.
  • It provides you with warning lights, your headlights, and your parking brake lights;
  • It displays the gear you're in on your odometer, etc.

However, you are paying an exorbitant price for it; this is the world you will inhabit if you desire everything. This has always been the case with cars and other products. The Plaid is an excellent investment for the upcoming years. If you want luxury, get the Lucid Air, but if you can't decide, I have faith that the future of electric cars will be more attractive than ever before.


Lucid Air Rating

The Lucid Air is one of the most anticipated electric vehicles of 2020. With a range of up to 400 miles and a starting price of $60,000, the Lucid Air is positioned to compete with Tesla's Model S. But how does it stack up?

We recently had the opportunity to test drive the Lucid Air and were impressed with its performance. The air rides smoothly and has plenty of power. We also found the interior to be comfortable and well-appointed.

Overall, we think the Lucid Air is a strong contender in the luxury electric vehicle market. It offers competitive range and pricing, and its performance is impressive. We give it our highest rating for an electric vehicle.


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